Magic Multichrome Pigment Black Magic

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Do you believe in Magic?

Our Magic Multichrome Pigments will show you a world of colors - in only one eyeshadow. How magical is that? Shade changes color depending on the viewing angle & light given.

Black Magic is a magic shift off Blue/Purple/Red colors

How to use: We recommends using a dense or flat brush with a tap or pat motion to apply the pigment over a sticky base, rather than swiping onto dry skin. Or use your brush wet  then dip into the pigment so it grips to the brush, ensuring you get the best multi chrome effect onto the skin.

If the product gets in your eye or mouth, rinse with water. In case of hypersensitivity to one of the components and/or redness or other skin manifestations discontinue use immediately.

Enviromental note: We are trying to minimal unnecessary plastic use. Therefore there is no plastic strip over the sifter. So be mindful of that when you open up the lid.


Silicon oxide, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Oxide, Iron Oxide