What are you donating to?

Our goal!

Our long-term goal is to open up a rescue center - but we at GlossGods want to make a difference now. So the goal is to help animals both long-term and short-term.
Our center is probably many years away, and there are animals that need our help now. That is why we want to support existing organizations with funding now - at the same time as we set aside money for our long-term goal.

How will it work?

50% long-term and 50% short-term:
Our plan is to report a certain number of times a year on how much money we have collected, and then set aside 50% for our long-term goal and make payments to any organization of the remaining 50%. Together with our board, we want to decide to which organization (s) the money will go to. The board will consist of our founder Marielle Isaksson, together with outsiders who have no profit interests in the company.