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Our philosophy

Gender Neutral

Come as you are, or who you want to be for the moment.

Marielle Isaksson, Founder of GLOSSGODS

GLOSSGODS Cosmetics is gender neutral – we believe makeup is for anyone who wants to express themselves! A sassy GIRLBOSS with a razor sharp eyeliner, or a badass guy in high heels and a killer lipstick! Release your inner GLOSSGOD!

Make-up is a way to express yourself aesthetically. By this we mean that you are perfect just as you are, but it’s never wrong to enhance it with som glitter!

knows no gender barriers,
does not judge,
does not put you in a box,
even if you put it in a box…
We should be more like makeup.

Cruelty Free

We love our furry friends, and we dont belive that any animal should suffer beacuse we want to feel beautiful! The only animal testing we conduct is some accidental taste testing by our office mascots!

If you want to see our furry loved ones – checkout our ”meet the team” page!


GLOSSGODS is owned by two GIRLBOSSES – all under the age of thirty. We dont apologize for being awesome. We belive that everyone should belive in themselves and find their inner GLOSSGOD or GLOSSGODDESS!

We want makeup to be something that makes you stand out – and never apologize for it. Crave that attention!

An ”in your face” lipstick, a highlighter that you can see from outer space or a crazy orange eyeliner. If you want it – wear it!