Our Story

Built by strong Girls

You are not the only one to wonder about our name. We have to explain the meaning behind it sometimes, and we are glad to do so. Because then we get a chance to tell you guys our story.

GlossGods actually started in 2013 as a physical makeup boutique, where we sold other brands and not our own. It was not invented yet. Our founder was only 22 years old at the time! Such a baby face! 

It started as a displeasure about the beauty industry in Scandinavia that later resulted in her own store, and after that she felt that all the makeup schools were stuck in the 90´s so she started her own education at 24, to be able to hire great makeupartists to her store. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Isn´t that true?

So this is what it has been from the start, a displeasure for parts of the industry and that has always resulted in a solution.

So how does the name GlossGod tie in to this?

Yeah, as young women, (yeah, there is more of us now) who are trying to to make changes in the industry, we have to go through some hardships, mostly from men in higher up positions that are trying to define us and mostly define the beauty industry. We want to disrupt that! 

Our three commandment that we live by is: Gender Neutral, Cruelty Free and Unapologetic.

Unapologetic is the word that we feel is the most important, the other two should come naturally to every brand right now, and should not need an explanation. For us to be Unapologetic is to not make excuses for ourselves and who we are – or who we are in that moment. It is not just about bold makeup, it is about to wear no makeup if that is who you are. In an industry and society that likes to put us in boxes that they can control, we wanted a name that just said we don’t care about that.

So what does GlossGods mean?

It is a little F U to all the people that think they can control us and put us in that box. We are unapologetically ourselves and we want our customers to feel that they can be too. We are women that calls ourselves GODS. Not Goddesses. We don’t think that the word should be for just the male pronoun/gender. We think that makeup and beauty is Genderfluid. We don't try to be modest, we are GODS in makeup, that's just how we see ourselves, unapologetically.

So come be a GlossGod with us - and if you feel like a glossgodess that is just as cool!