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Skinderella skin test

Take our skin test and find out what product in the Skinderella series suits your skin best! Once you’ve completed the test and submitted it we will get back with our recommendation through e-mail as soon as possible.





How would you describe your skin type? Normal, dry, oily, sensitive or combination of several? What combinations?

What products do you use now and are you satisfied with them? Please name specifically which products and brands.

What do you want to achieve with your skin care? Oil reducing? Glow? Calming? Give examples.

What foundation routine do you have? Do you use liquid foundation or powder / mineral foundation? Is it water, oil or silicone based? Are you using face primers?

Would you claim that one or more of the problems listed below match you? Check which. Attempt to stick to what you perceive to be your biggest problem that you want to improve

Surface dryness You can experience dry skin on your skin, no matter what skin type you have.

Pimples & spots -. Small to medium pimples, twigs and spots

Acne -Inflammated pimples in whole or large parts of the face.

Dry spots due to acne


Wide pores

Blankness - The skin becomes greasy and shiny. You may need to mattify the skin several times a day

Always very red and irritated - The skin has a constant redness that does not disappear. May occur in combination with acne.

Gets easy allergic reactions to products.

Rosascea - A skin disease that manifests itself through redness, bumps and twigs. Sensitivity to products is common

Red superficial, visible blood vessels

Generally sensitive - just a general feeling of uncomfertable sensitivity