Together we can
make a barking difference

You won’t change the world by saving an animal.
But you will change the world for that animal. And that is enough.

What is glossdogs?

The founder of GlossGods has always had a big dream of starting an animal rescue center, that’s not solely relying on outside donations. So one of the longterm goals of GlossGods has always been to support this dream. We at GlossGods are huge animal lovers, and have always supported small organizations that are helping animals in need. But now it’s time to do more. Even if we are not the biggest company yet, we can still make a difference for some animals right now. And all animals helped is a big win.

Our mission

At GlossGods we are huge animal advocates, and we have a mission to help as many animals as we possibly can, both in Sweden and International. We will support animal rescue centers, anti animal testing organisations and other causes that we feel need our help. 💕 🐾

Our vision

Our vision is to sell products that is both for animals, and also products for humans - so that we sell more and therefore raise more.In the future you will find human beauty products, doggy beauty products, merch and other great products. 100% of the profits from these items will go to Gloss Dogs. And we will of course also accept donations. Click here to donate.

Our goal

Our long-term goal is to open up an animal rescue center in the northern parts of Sweden, where we have a lot of big spaces in nature that would be perfect to utilize. The goal is that the rescue center will be fully funded by GlossGods/GlossDogs and not need to rely on other donations. But since that probably is years away, we feel that we have to help animals right now.

So we are donating 100 percent of the profits from the sales and donations to different animal rescue organisations. And when we have the means to open up our GlossDogs rescue center, the profits will go towards that.

(The picture is a representation of our goal.)

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