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Embarking on your makeup artistry journey is just a few simple steps away.

How it works


Discover your passion. Browse through our diverse range of courses and select the one that resonates with your makeup aspirations. If you need guidance we are happy to help you choose.


Empower your dreams without financial constraints. Opt for a payment plan that aligns with your budget, ensuring a smooth start to your educational journey.

3. Send in your application

Ready to transform your passion into a profession? Fill out our straightforward application and we will get back to you ASAP! Take the first step towards your makeup artistry career.

Starting your journey

After you are accepted to GlossGods Academy, you will get access to the online education platform where you will have all the course material. Access lessons, tutorials, and resources anytime, anywhere, ensuring a flexible and enriching learning experience. You will find theoretical and practical lessons, and you will receive feedback from our teachers for each lesson that you submit.

Each course combines video tutorials, reading materials, and practical assignments. Plus, benefit from live sessions with our expert instructors and hands-on workshops for select courses.

Why is

online education a good idea?

Flexibility, accessibility, and comfort. Online education breaks geographical barriers, allowing you to learn from industry experts without relocating. Plus, study at your own pace, in your own space.

Hear from our student Rakel Ekman on her experience studying at GlossGods Academy. We caught up with her at one of the assisting oppertunities we provide.

So much more than a

online education

Dive into an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional online learning. Join our vibrant community of budding students and seasoned makeup artists, ensuring you're never navigating your journey alone. Through our Internship & Assisting program, tap into our expansive network of industry professionals and leading companies, giving you a competitive edge right from the start. And with our unique incentive program, we keep your passion ignited and your progress steady, ensuring you graduate not just certified, but truly experienced.


When can I start?

You can start anytime! Our courses are designed for flexible enrollment.

How do I apply for the payment options?

Simply choose your desired course and select your preferred payment option during the enrollment process. For the payment plan, we will help you with your application once you are accepted to the course.

For all the information about our payment options, please read here.

Do I get a product kit?

Yes, each course comes with a curated product kit tailored to enhance your learning experience.

I work full time, can I still study with you?

Yes! Our courses are designed to work with and around your individual schedule.

Do you offer internships/assisting?

Absolutely! We have a dedicated Internship & Assisting program to give our students real-world experience.

Do students get product discounts?

Yes, they do! You can also apply for other brand discounts after enrollment.

Do I get a industry recognized diploma?

Yes, upon successful completion of your course, you'll receive a professional diploma certifying your expertise.

Is it hard to get work?

Our graduates are well-prepared and connected. There is a lot of jobs, but most newly examined artists don´t know how to get them. We will guide & educate you on how to find oppertunities.