Our Story

who we are and what drives us

You are not the only one to wonder about our name. We have to explain the meaning behind it sometimes, and we are glad to do so. Because then we get the chance to tell you guys our story. We are a female based company from the northern part of Sweden that calls ourselves GODS. Not Goddesses. We don’t think that the word should be for just the male pronoun/gender. We think that makeup and beauty is Genderfluid.

We wanted to create a brand that gives everyone the chance to take charge of their own creativity and self expression, unapologetically of who you are, when the occasion is or how much make up you would like to wear and even if you don’t want to wear no make up at all. You should be your own GOD and have the power to make your own decisions and not what the society thinks you should. ⚡️

So come be a GlossGod with us - and if you feel like a GlossGodess that is just as cool! 💕

meet our founder

"GlossGods is the beauty brand that I never had access to growing up. I wanted to create a brand that was building people up, and made people feel good about themselves. Growing up I always felt like I was different, and makeup became the way for me to express myself at a really early age. I always hated when my teachers told me I shouldn’t wear makeup to school. So I defied them and did it even more, unapologetically. So GlossGods core values are a reflection of me and my values. I hate injustice, I hate when everyone is not included and I hate the mistreatment of animals. So I wanted to create a brand where all of that was truly reflected. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Isn´t that true?"
- Marielle Isaksson Founder 🦄

Our philosophies


We don´t apologize for being awesome or making amazing products. We wear it proudly like a badge of honor. For us to be Unapologetic is to not apologize and minimize ourselves and who we are – or who we are in that moment. It is not just about bold makeup, it is about to wear no makeup if that is who you are. ⚡️

We believe that everyone should believe in themselves and find their inner GLOSSGOD or GLOSSGODDESS. We tend to minimize ourselves to fit in to a box that society wants us to be in. 

We want our makeup to be something that makes you feel like yourself, and never apologize for it. If you want it – wear it!

Gender Neutral

We believe that Makeup is a way to express ourselves and show the world who we are.

By this we mean that you are perfect just as you are, but it’s never wrong to enhance it with some extra sparkle if you feel like it.

We really dislike the word ”unisex” because for us, that means that you make something neutral enough so the stereotypical genders both can wear it. By Gender Neutral we mean that we don’t care if you identify as a guy, a girl or a unicorn - the most important thing is that you feel beautiful and as yourself when you wear our products. 💜

knows no gender barriers,
does not judge,
does not put you in a box,
even if you put it in a box…
We should be more like makeup.

Cruelty free

We love our furry friends, and we don´t believe that any animal should suffer because we want to feel beautiful! The only animal testing we conduct is some accidental taste testing by our office mascots! Feel free to check them out at GlossDogs, where we sell products to help animals in need. 🐶 🐾