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about our name

why glossgods?

We are a female founded company that calls our selves GODS, not GODESSES. We believe makeup and beauty are gender-fluid, not confined by pronouns. Makeup and self-expression know no bounds – it's for everyone, anytime, anywhere. So be yourself and be unapologetic. Come be a GlossGod, or if you're feeling like a GlossGoddess, that's equally awesome! 💕

We can't wait for you to wear, create looks, smile, and express yourself with GlossGods ⚡️

we are gender neutral

We're not fans of the term "unisex" , because it is making products neutral enough for both stereotypical genders. For us, Gender Neutral means it doesn't matter if you identify as male, female, or a unicorn. What matters is feeling beautiful and true to yourself when you wear our products. 💜

"Makeup knows no gender barriers,
does not judge,
does not put you in a box,
even if you put it in a box…
We should be more like makeup."

we are unapologetic

No apologies for our awesomeness or amazing products, we wear it like a badge of honor.

Being Unapologetic means not minimizing who you are, whether it's bold makeup or none at all. ⚡️

We believe in self-belief and finding your inner GLOSSGOD or GLOSSGODDESS. Don't squeeze into society's box. Our makeup lets you be unapologetically yourself. If you want it, wear it! 💄✨

we are cruelty free

We're all our about furry friends, and we'd never let any critter suffer for beauty!

Our only "animal testing" involves our office mascots taking accidental taste tests when they are curious! Swing by GlossDogs and meet our delightful pals – where we also sell goodies to support animals in need. 🐶 🐾❤️

P.S ✨ all our products are vegan - FURREVER!