Glossdogs Donation

How do I donate?

When placing your order in checkout there's an option to donate. You can enter any custom amount you want or use percentages of your order value.

What are you donating to?

Our goal!

Our long-term goal is to open up a rescue center - but we at GlossGods want to make a difference now. So the goal is to help animals both long-term and short-term.
Our center is probably many years away, and there are animals that need our help now. That is why we want to support existing organizations with funding now.

How will it work?

We will sell products and accept donations, and all of the profits will be donated to causes that help animals in need. We will update about all the donations made on this page.

Fulfilled Donations:

March 2022: Donated to Hundar utan hem, where the funds where used to help the animals of Ukraine due to the invasion.

Amount: 15 847 kr